About my music

I have 720 own compositions, most of them for video games but also a few for solo guitar. I started composing music in December 2010. Initially I made only a few songs, but after a few years the number of songs started to increase fast. Also differences in style between years is larger than differences between songs composed in the same year. During 2021 I have been able to obtain both, a strategy that will continue for 2022. I constantly find new instruments and rhythms which I haven't used before. Starting from Fall Semester 2023 my composition will be limited to a maximum of 130 new songs each year. I have published 25 of my songs on SoundCloud, below is a list and short description of some of them...

The Great Migration (2021)
Return of magic (2021)
Shadow (2020)
Glorious days (2020)
Parachutist (2020)
The idea behind this song is soldiers dropping from the sky wearing winter camouflage. 
Mimer (2020)
The he-goat and the goblin (2020)
Era (2019)
For this song I imagine indians riding on horses while hunting buffalos in America. 
Duchess (2019)
Oak (2019)
Speedboat (2019)
The inspiration for this song was an old sports game for Nintendo.
Black knight (2019)
Breeze (2014)
Behind a rainbow (2014)
This song is inspired by adventure games like Zelda. 
Choro (2011)
A song inspired by the Brazilian music style Choro. 
Eager beaver (2021)
Back to the 80s (2021)
Black-eyed jealousy (2021)
This song is intended for a war game and it is inspired by video games like Metal gear and Rush n´attack. 
Gimme synth (2022)
Warehouse (2022)
Morning story (2021)
Stay (2019)
Boogie jump (2020)
A day in August (2021)
Dolphin song (2022)